Nov 17, 2010

ADI SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Driver for IBM OS/2 -- Compaq Presario 6196EA Desktop PC


This SoftPaq contains the IBM OS/2 family audio driver for the desktop models that have the ADI AC97 SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Controller. This SoftPaq contains support for the OS/2 versions listed in the 'Operating Systems' section below.

PURPOSE: Routine

CATEGORY: Driver - Audio

IBM OS/2 1.3x
IBM OS/2 2.x
IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0
IBM OS/2 Warp 4.0 with latest Fix Pack

LANGUAGE(S): US (Global)


- Adds support for new products.

- Resolves an Audio driver issue which causes a Blue screen when sharing its IRQ.

Support: Compaq Presario 6196EA Desktop PC

Last Update: 2004-2-6

Version: 3.1.7

If there is any new drivers upgrated, we will put it immediate right here. just feel free to be back and download.

Download: Free download (468.8k)


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